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Hello! Happy New Year! I've spent the 'holidays' working on House of Boom and Season Two - It's Wild! - is currently being cut out and sewn as we speak. Exciting! But before that comes along, probably in February, I've done a bit of house-keeping! First up, I now offer lay-buy. This is because people have asked for Afterpay, but that would cost me 5% of each transaction and I just don't have the sort of margins that allow that. Hopefully this will be helpful for you - you can read more about how it works right here. Full disclosure: it will...

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Today I'd like to give you a guided tour of the House of Boom clothing range that will go on sale at the pop-up on December 15 & 16, and online from December 16. This is the first range of clothing I have ever designed, so it's pretty scary to share my babies with the world. I hope there's something in there that you like.  The BOOM t-shirt The TIARE skirt The DEMELZA dress The KINI dress The BOOM t-shirt There were a number of reasons why I was motivated to do a t-shirt, and some grand plans that didn't work...

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House of Boom is a clothing store, and yet there are no clothes listed. YET. What goes on? 

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