About us

Joanna gleeful in a plus-size rainbow skirtWe're good clothes in sizes 16-30 - and other nice things besides.

I founded House of Boom in July 2018 when I decided to do something about the lack of nice, affordable and ethical plus-size clothing. An early idea for the shop name was "THANKS, IT HAS POCKETS!" but that would have been a little impractical!

All House of Boom clothes - apart from the Jim Jams - are made ethically right here in Wellington, with everyone involved making the living wage or more. Well, apart from me but that’s my problem. 

You can read a little more about the Boom story here, but to summarise:

Boom is all about rejecting the idea that fat people should hide away in drab dark clothes. You're here, and you're awesome. Boom!

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