About us

Joanna gleeful in a plus-size rainbow skirtWe're good clothes in sizes 16-34 - and other nice things besides.

I founded House of Boom in July 2018 when I decided to do something about the lack of nice, affordable and ethical plus-size clothing. An early idea for the shop name was "THANKS, IT HAS POCKETS!" but that would have been a little impractical!

All House of Boom clothes are made ethically right here in Wellington, with everyone involved making the living wage or more. Well, apart from me but that’s my problem. 

You can read a little more about the Boom story here, but to summarise:

Boom is all about rejecting the idea that fat people should hide away in drab dark clothes. You're here, and you're awesome. Boom!


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  • If you're wearing our stuff and posting pics, we'd love it if you use #HouseOfBoomNZ.