About us

Joanna gleeful in a plus-size rainbow skirtWe're good clothes in sizes 16-34 - and other nice things besides.

I founded House of Boom in July 2018 out of petty frustration at the lack of nice, affordable-ish and ethical clothing in my size. I decided if no one else was doing it, then I'd just have to bloody well do it myself, gosh! 

House of Boom clothes are designed by me, a six foot tall size 28 fat babe, to fit me and to be super comfortable - but to be easily taken up for those of different heights. Patterns and production is handled by Umsiko in Berhampore, Wellington, and her contractors are based around the Wellington region and are paid the Living Wage or more. 

Almost everything is cotton (with a little linen thrown in, and some stretch velvet), all bottoms have pockets and colour is essential. I don't view House of Boom clothes as "fashion" - these are solid basic staples that should last you years and years. 

Fat is not a four letter word

House of Boom is good clothes for fat people, and those words are chosen very carefully. This is not a "plus size" brand because when 60% of people wear a size 16 or over, why should they be the ones called plus? Why don't we refer to minus sizes? There is a tremendous amount of power in reclaiming a word that has formerly been weaponised against you. I view 'fat' as a neutral descriptor like tall or brunette. It does not mean lazy, or bad or unhealthy - and health itself is not a virtue anyway.  

Along with the clothes, House of Boom has a kaupapa of fat liberation - the deliberate work of tearing down the systems that have created a world where fat people are denied full participation in society and life, from apparel to healthcare. You'll see this reflected in my comments in the media, as well as various talks I have given or activism I do, as well as in the Boom events like fat swims or Camp Boom - an annual weekend of fun and power for fat babes like you.  

You can read a little more about the Boom story here, but to summarise:

Boom is all about rejecting the idea that fat people should hide away in drab dark clothes. You're here, and you're awesome. Boom!


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