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Kaukau Mōmona: Fat Swim Get together with other fat babes for a joyful swimming experience. Swim, play, lounge, and relax in a room full of people who look like you. Join us at the Aquadome in Mt Victoria, Wellington, from 7pm-9pm on Saturday 13 April.  We've hired out the whole pool. Grab your tickets here.  A Gentle Glow To keep things interesting and cos we deserve beautiful things, this swim will be divided into two parts. From 7pm until 8pm, it'll be the Fat Swim you already know and love, with overhead lights and tunes pumping.  At 8pm, we'll be...

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Everyone deserves the gorgeous feeling of being in water. Fat Swim exists to provide a safe, friendly space for people in marginalised bodies to float, frolic and experience fat joy.  Join us at the Aquadome in Mount Victoria on 17 February 2024. Tickets are $10 each or if that's out of your budget right now, grab a free ticket thanks to our amazing  community donors. We'll have the whole pool to ourselves.  More info is available on the ticket page. 

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