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Here's some of the green products that I sell so that I can totally greenwash my environmental image! But, seriously, let's have a chat about sustainability. It's often said with clothes, you can choose two of affordable, sustainable and ethical - and with clothes for fat people, you're lucky if you even get to pick one. When I started House of Boom, I made a very clear choice - I wanted to be ethical. But I have to qualify that - my ethics centre on what I have control over, here in NZ. My fabrics come from overseas. Most of...

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What I love best about Boom is the people I get to work with, and one of the mot delightful is Morag from Gerty Brown. I had a natter with her over email so you can get to meet your maker.  How did you get started sewing? My mother always sewed so I grew up with that in my life. I got my own sewing machine in my 20’s. Nothing fancy, just enough to make curtains for my house and mend clothes. I started sewing as an actual job in 2011 after I moved from Wellington to Auckland. I had...

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