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Everyone deserves the gorgeous feeling of being in water. Fat Swim exists to provide a safe, friendly space for people in marginalised bodies to float, frolic and experience fat joy.  Join us at the Aquadome in Mount Victoria on 17 February 2024. Tickets are $10 each or if that's out of your budget right now, grab a free ticket thanks to our amazing  community donors. We'll have the whole pool to ourselves.  More info is available on the ticket page. 

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 A couple of weeks ago I did two workshops at the Council of Trade Unions' Women's Conference, called Fat liberation is good for everyone.  Since the 90 minute workshop took me at least a dozen hours to write, I thought I should make the best possible use of that effort, so I've filmed it as a presentation here, as well as rounding up further resources for y'all to continue on your fat liberation journey.  The talk Download the slides as a PDF here, and get the transcript at the bottom of this page.  Further resources This is by no means...

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