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Not sure what to get for that person in your life? Don’t worry, I figured it out for you Your new crush: Is the feeling mutual? Find out! Give them one of these fat cutie pins  Work Secret Santa: you know that Sandra needs a set of these pencils as a sign to shut the fuck up about how much she’ll have to go to the gym to ‘earn’ that mince pie and how naughty she’s being. Your lover: they need an ANJI robe, handily now marked down and in the clearance section. The bonus gift is for you when you get to unwrap them out of...

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Yes, that time of year is coming up again. But hey, at least you can get some gifts from your favourite ethical clothing store - and maybe buy yourself something nice while you're at it too?  Here's some gift suggestions from me.  Your lover(s) They deserve the very best, so get them an ANJI robe ($199). I never refer to Boom as being "women's clothing" (except in the SEO) cos I want anyone to be able to wear my clothes, and I think even the most masculine person would be very happy in the teal linen. And you'll be very happy taking it...

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