Season Five is here!

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Season Five is here!

I’m very proud to bring you my new collection, A Love Letter To Myself. I named it that cos I’ve had a rough time this winter – it’s hard to work two jobs even when you love what you do – having issues with suppliers and dealing with criticism (some valid, some not so much) and worrying about money and all that stuff. But this collection is a reminder of why I do this, and why I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far.

I’ve emblazoned my name across half the tees. When I couldn’t get the purple fabric for dresses I wanted, I wondered if I should play it safe and do a grey, but decided if this was going to be my last collection, I’m not going out with anything less than ideal. One friend told me yellow was polarising, and well, I’m polarising too. Another friend wondered if yellow was more of a summer colour than a winter colour, but I believe that putting colours into seasons is a load of phooey anyway. So here we are. One dress, one tee, one skirt. What else could you need? 

The new dress, with puffed sleeves and an empire waist, is called the YOU dress. You know I name all my clothes after the fat babes who inspire me. In this case, it’s you. Yes, you. Thank you for coming on the Boom journey with me! We’ve talked about the yellow already, and the forest green was an obvious choice given how quickly the DEMELZA in the same fabric sold out in season four. The Syrah is just such a rich, drinkable red and it looked SO GOOD on all the models. The blue was a lucky find – it’s hard to get prints on cotton fabric at a price I can afford, and I love how under-the-sea dreamy this is.

The TIARE skirt is back, and it’s been resized so that if you’re a size 1 (16/18), you’ll order a size 1 TIARE rather than a size smaller as happened in past seasons. I love the banana leaf print and how much it looks like wallpaper, and it’s such a lovely stiff cotton that gives it a great shape.

People had asked for a red skirt and I’ve finally delivered one with the cherry print.

There are two floral linen options – one a tropical print loaded with hibiscuses and the other a more sedate English country garden by way of Georgia O’Keefe. These will stay cool in summer but of course you can wear them over tights too.

Finally, the Sneakers for Sneaking print is just absolutely so much fun I had to have it. I love the look of Chuck Taylors but they can be very uncomfortable to wear. In skirt form, however, it’s a different story – plus they’re ethically made.

 And on top? The House of Boom logo tee is back, hurray!  Show your love with this bold gold lettering – or go logoless.

The lilac is a silk/Tencel blend that was a happy accident of the wrong fabric arriving from my dealer – I won’t be able to get this again so if you like the look of it, snap it up quickly!

The emerald is the same fabric as a KRIS dress I used to stock, and the Petrel blue is great with everything. Oh, and there's this lovely lovely ribbed pastel, just to keep things interesting!

The leopard? Well that’s actually from last season but I snuck it in cos I think it looks great with the red skirts. 

Also! Shout out to Moon Bar in Newtown for hosting us for the shoot. You should go there because they are very lovely people.