House of Boom is available in sizes 16-30, except for the Jo Jo Jim Jams, which run from 12/14 to 28/30. Please read sizing information carefully as sadly, due to tiny stock numbers, we are unable to offer returns or swaps for items that don't fit. If you're in Wellington or visiting, it may be possible to come and try items on before purchasing - just get in contact


0 = 12/14 (only available for the Jim Jams)
= 16/18
2 = 20/22
3 = 24/26
4 = 28/30 

(Except for the TIARE skirts, which are all a size too big so a 0 = 16/18)

All items have simple bottoms (tehehe) so they can be easily hemmed if necessary as the Boom fit model (me!) is 181cm tall. 

ANJI robes

Anji robes are 125cm long

BOOM T-shirts

BOOM t-shirts are 69cm long from shoulder to bottom. They are made of medium stretchy cotton.

Measured flat across from armpit to armpit

t-shirt with measuring tape across it showing distance from arm to arm

1 = 57cm
2 = 60cm
3 = 63cm
4 = 67cm

CORNELIA pinafore dresses

CORNELIA pinafores in teal and green leaf have adjustable straps that can be worn straight or crossed at the back. They are 95cm long from the top of the bib to the bottom of the skirt. The back of the waist is elasticised. 

Lying flat across the top of the bib

Image of a measuring tape across the bib of a plus-size cotton pinafore with pockets

1 = 40cm
2 = 42cm
3 = 44cm
4 = 46cm

At the waist laid flat, unstretched

image of a tape measure laid across the waist of a plus size pinafore laid flat

1 = 59cm
2 = 63cm
3 = 67cm
4 = 71cm

CORNELIA 1.5 dresses

From season three onwards (purple, orchid and star prints in season three, navy corduroy and ridiculous flowers in season four ) the top of the CORNELIA bib has been narrowed by 10cm 

1 = 30cm
2 = 32cm
3 = 34cm
4 = 36cm

CORNELIA has adjustable straps and is 86cm from the top of the bib to the bottom hem.

DEMELZA knit dresses

All Demelzas are 130cm long except for the plum & cream stripe which is 120cm long. They are made of stretchy cotton.

Lying flat from armpit to armpit: 
1 = 57cm
2 = 60cm
3 = 63cm
4 = 67cm

Jo Jo Jim Jams

The singlet is 83cm long 
Lying flat armpit to armpit: 
0 = 52cm
1 = 56cm
2 = 60cm
3 = 64cm
4 = 68cm

The t-shirt is 92cm long.

Lying flat armpit to armpit
0 = 66cm
1 = 70cm
2 = 74cm
3 = 78cm
4 = 82cm

Long sleeve shirt
The long sleeve shirt is 80cm long. 
Lying flat armpit to armpit
0 = 64cm
1 = 68cm
2 = 72cm
3 = 76cm
4 = 80cm

Pants & shorts
Pants are 93cm long, shorts are 55cm.
Waistband lying flat, not stretched out
0 = 44cm
1 = 48cm
2 = 52cm
3 = 56cm
4 = 60cm

KINI sack dresses

All KINIs are 125cm long and are designed to be very loose. They do not stretch.

Lying flat from armpit to armpit (as depicted in the t-shirts): 
1 = 88cm
2 = 92cm
3 = 96cm
4 = 100cm

KRIS raglan sleeve dresses

All KRIS dresses are 120cm long. They stretch. 

Lying flat from armpit to armpit

1 = 62cm
2 = 66cm
3 = 70cm
4 = 74cm

MEAGAN paper bag waist skirts

All MEAGANs are 70cm long from the top of the waistband to the hem. 

Lying flat, unstretched: 

1 = 53cm 
2 = 57cm
3 = 61cm
4 = 65cm

PENNY ROYALE party dresses

Most of the PENNY ROYALE dresses are 112cm long from shoulder to hem, but the blue lurex ended up being 107cm. 

There is a lot of room to move in these dresses to allow the shoulders to be opened up. 

Lying flat from armpit to armpit

1 = 72cm
2 = 76cm
3 = 80cm
4 = 84cm

REBECCA blouses

The REBECCA has kimono style sleeves built in to the wrap, so they're hard to measure. They are 78cm long from shoulder to bottom hem. 

Waist measurements as laid flat: 

1 = 57cm
2 = 61cm
3 = 65cm
4 = 69cm 

TIARE skirts

TIARE has an elastic waistband and a back zip.

Laid flat, waist measurements (not stretched)

1 = 53cm 
2 = 57cm
3 = 61cm
4 = 65cm

Please note: previous seasons of TIARE skirts (seasons 1-3) were oversized, so if you own a TIARE from those seasons, size down to your regular size for season 5 onwards. 

Fanny Adams underpants

We stock Fanny Adams in sizes XL to XXXXL. If you fall between sizes, or know that your butt or stomach is particularly prominent, you probably want to size up.

XL = 16/18
XXL = 20/22
XXXL = 24/26
XXXXL = 28