Surprise! Season Six is here!

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Surprise! Season Six is here!

I'm quietly quite stoked to tell you that season six of the House of Boom, which I am calling Happiness, Slowly is now available to you to buy! 

Or at least some of it is. You see, this season is a grower, not a shower. Like everything I'm doing after having COVID, it's a season that moves very slowly. A slow return to happiness after the devastating death of a community leader. A slow return to fat liberation and the joy of community after faltering about my purpose. A slow release of clothes for this collection not all at once but gradually as I can afford to commission them. Little photoshoots, little releases of joy. Lying on the floor upstairs every slowly trying to get my mostly feral cat Katie to emerge from under the bed upstairs and trust me. Slow but steady. I hope you can dig. 

So what's in the collection, you might well ask? Well first up, there's more of the KRIS dress. I love KRIS with tights and boots for winter (though tightless it's great for summer or hot offices). For season six, you'll see KRIS in four colours: 

Royal blue & white stripes

Three fat babes in space blue raglan sleeve plus size dresses

Space blue(No, I don't know what makes it 'Space' either. But that's what the fabric wholesaler called it so...)

A fat babe in a plus size soft pink dress

Soft pink

Fat babes in forest green raglan sleeve plus size dresses

And the ever-popular Forest GreenI've sold out of this colour in both the DEMELZA dress and the YOU dress, so thought it might work as a KRIS too!

And then also returning in Season Six is the party dress PENNY ROYALE, although now it's in the same thick cotton that you know and love. There's a funny story about why this dress is back, but let's not get into it now. Instead, here are your colour options: 

the backs of fat babes wearing lipstick pink

Lipstick pink - these ones are really limited cos I bought the last of the fabric, so move quickly if this colour is your bag, baby. 

A fat babe in a black and cream striped dress wearing a beret and holding a baguette

Black & cream stripes. Did I have to add a beret and baguette for the shoot? Of course I did. But you don't need to do that in your daily life. Unless you want to.  

fat babes in an Atlantic coloured plus size dress

Atlantic and finally

A fat babe in an avocado green dress

Avocado. Insert unfunny joke here about how buying ethically made clothing means that the people who make your clothing should be able to afford to eat avocado on toast every so often at least even if no one can ever buy a house. 

And some information about this shoot:

  • My new Boomette is Taina. I met her and partner Peta when they came to a pop-up, and I love her pics on Instagram so I thought she'd be a great addition to the family. We even managed to snag her Insta photographer too - Peta took the photos at this shoot. Absolute babes the pair of them. 
  • We did the shoot in my dining room because it required the least amount of energy and physical carrying of clothes, which is ideal for someone still exhausted after COVID. Plus it looks pretty cute, right? 
  • The Gals Being Pals artworks you can see in the background are by Stine Grieve
  • Yes I have a lot of Whitley Neill gin bottles but I could still use the Pineapple, Peach, Gooseberry and Violet flavours to fill out my rainbow even more!

PS - It's a slow collection but the clothes are designed practically, as always, so you can move as fast as you like in them. Meanwhile I'll be on the couch having a rest.