Christmas from Boom

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Christmas from Boom

Yes, that time of year is coming up again. But hey, at least you can get some gifts from your favourite ethical clothing store - and maybe buy yourself something nice while you're at it too? 

Here's some gift suggestions from me. 

Your lover(s)

fat babes wearing a variety of ANJI robes

They deserve the very best, so get them an ANJI robe ($199). I never refer to Boom as being "women's clothing" (except in the SEO) cos I want anyone to be able to wear my clothes, and I think even the most masculine person would be very happy in the teal linen. And you'll be very happy taking it off them. 

Your office Secret Santee or annoying relative

These pencils with a point are perfect as a hint for those awful people who don't stop talking about how "naughty" morning tea is - or for your allies who see you rolling your eyes when that awful person won't shut up. Choose from: 


three different pencils

The woman who raised you

fat babes in Fanny Adams underwear

She bought you underwear when you were young - now you can return the favour and shift her into something super comfy and fun! Will you go for horses, camo, frogs, cherries, rainbows or the full safari? Fanny Adams knickers are $28 each or three pairs for $70. 

Anyone pregnant or new parents

Did you know that the Boom Beads are ideal for people who are breastfeeding? The beads are food-grade silicone so they can be chewed on, they're bright colours to catch Baby's attention, and if they get tugged on too hard, the catch just opens up instead of the rope snapping. I love mine cos it's colourful and fun, but it turns out they're practical too. Bonus! $27.50 each

The fat activist

They've reclaimed the word, and they're taking up space. This necklace from Fancy Lady Industries is a glorious way for them to let the world know that oh yes, they have noticed they're fat, thanks, and no, that's not a bad word.

a laser-cut necklace that says fat

Extra for experts: A House of Boom logo t-shirt of course. 

Your queer nibblings

a compilation of rainbow items

There's a whole Rainbow collection for them including art, headbands, underpants, earrings, necklaces and soap. You can feel good knowing that 10% of your purchase price goes to supporting other LGBTQI+ youth via InsideOUT. (And of course you don't have to be queer to enjoy rainbow items). 

The art lover or those who don't see themselves as beautiful

Dimmie's artworks are absolutely stunning. All bodies are gorgeous of course, but when they're rendered like this, it's easier to appreciate the fat form.  

Your friend who works in an office

They need a reusable coffee cup of course, and the House of Boom Ideal Cup is, well, ideal. Made in New Zealand, sturdy as all heck AND the plastic is recyclable at the end of its life? Yes please and thank you.  

Actually just everyone

House of Boom does vouchers for any amount. Damn, how easy is that? Let people choose their own sparkly Throwing Feathers earrings, or maybe one of the many colours of TIARE skirt, or all of the Gerty girlbands or or or... 


And let's not forget you

I think you want a dress. Cotton is so comfy, and there's pockets so you can keep your phone close to you to text friends for emotional support if Xmas gets all a little too hard. 

That's it, that's all you need, right?