Meet the Crown Jewels 👑💎

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Meet the Crown Jewels 👑💎

I'm stoked I get to introduce you to the season three range! Obviously The Crown Jewels is reflected in the colours and names of all the items. So what's in the range? 

First up, the item I'm most excited about. This is the robe you might not have realised you have always wanted, but once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Modeled on the traditional Japanese yukata that I often wore growing up in Japan, the ANJI robe is named after my oldest sister (and Boom photographer).

Kris and Liz in the ANJI plus size robe

ANJI wraps around you like a big sister's protective love. It's long enough to make sure you only flash people that you want to flash, and a tie on the inside makes sure it stays closed until you want it open. The sleeves are long and wide, the cuffs are beautifully detailed and yes of course it has pockets. 

alex wears a mint green plus size robe

Wear it to breakfast, wear it to dinner, wear it to the spa (and tell your favourite day spa to buy some so they have something to fit almost all their customers for a change!), wear it to seduce someone, wear it to avoid seducing early morning couriers. Wear it to the bar like we did on the photoshoot, take it travelling for those midnight no-longer-naked bathroom runs - honestly you won't have trouble thinking of times to wear it - you'll just not want to take it off. It's the luxury you deserve to have every bloody day. ANJI is $185.

four girls in plus size robes

Also new this season is another knit dress while the DEMELZA takes a wee holiday.

three babes in green dresses

KRIS is named for my lovely Boomette Kris, who is one of the loveliest, most calming people I know. The KRIS is as comfy as a t-shirt, but much more stylish. It's got raglan sleeves, darts at the sides of the boobs, a high-ish waist, and a slightly flared skirt, Of COURSE it has pockets. This season KRIS comes in two fabrics - a silkyish thin cotton in navy, and a thicker olive-green. You can wear KRIS with a belt if you like, over tights or bare legs or whatever you like. KRIS has a higher neck than the DEMELZA and is a little shorter. It's $160.

five babes in a KRIS dress

CORNELIA has had a little bit of a nip/tuck for The Crown Jewels so the top of the  pinafore is narrower than in season two, and there are now slides to hold the straps in place. She's available in three varieties - a wonderful orchid print, a superhero pink with yellow stars and a vibrant purple. CORNELIA is $140.

Kris in a pink pinafore with a purple t-shirtSara in a purple dressShelley in an orchid dress

Meanwhile, the classics are back. This season the TIARE skirt is also in glorious jewel tones. What’s your favourite - spinel, sapphire, amethyst or emerald? TIARE is $145.

Kris and Sarah in pink skirtspurple and blue skirts

The KINI sack dress is also back in garnet and ruby. Both are 100% cotton, but the garnet is light and breezy, while the ruby is thick & textured. $165 each. Wear them belted or loose to take up space. 

Hot babes in red KINIsWomen in burgundy KINIs

And last but not least, the Boom scoop-neck t-shirt is available in emerald, amethyst and rhodolite (that's pink to you). Boom t-shirts are $60.

pink t-shirts and green skirts

All will be for sale at the pop-up on Saturday August 31 / Sunday September 1, and then will be available online after that.