Meet the Boomettes - Kris

Boomettes -

Meet the Boomettes - Kris

I'd love you to get to know my amazing Boomettes a bit better, since they're the face of Boom, so let's start with the amazing Kris!

Hi Kris! When you're not busy being a Boomette, who are you, and what do you do?Kris in a plum & cream DEMELZA

I work in a library and I go to a lot of theatre.

How did you feel when you were asked to model for me?

Kris in underwear and a t-shirt

Excited! I never thought I'd get to put 'underwear model' on
my CV. I was really curious about the designs I was going to be wearing. The fabric sneak-previews were so colourful and beautiful.

This was your second season as a Boomette - how did you find doing season two as an old pro compared to season one when everything was new?

Kris in a leopard CORNELIA

I wasn't as nervous the second time around. I think I was better at picking accessories because I wasn't as fizzy about ALL THE COOL THINGS. The weather was much nicer for season two. I liked that we got to be outside for the shoot - mixing it up!

What was your favourite piece of clothing from the collection?

Kris in a sold out red DEMELZA

The DEMELZA. I've got one from both seasons. (Plus the t-shirt fits like a dream!)

One of the ways that I know you outside of Boom is the theatre reviews that you write for the The Wellingtonista. What do you think the role of live theatre is in a world where we have so much access to video content all the time?

Kris in a purple KINI

They're different experiences, they require different things of us. Each time we watch something it's unique - theatre because the people on stage play differently, screen because the person watching is different.

House of Boom is all about trying to be gooder in a not great world. You perhaps more than anyone I know manage to project a tremendous sense of generousity and calm, and I've described you as my human benzo before. How do you do it?

Kris in a zebra skirt

By making a conscious effort. I practice Aggressive Niceness which I like to think of as your favourite aunty who absolutely believes you're the bees knees and also isn't really here for your self-deprecating shit while still allowing you to feel what you feel because you know how you feel. It's a mix of whakamana and whakanui - enabling and celebrating in this sometimes turbulent world.