Size 24+ clothes swap, 3pm, May 7

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Size 24+ clothes swap, 3pm, May 7

Size 24+ babes, come and refresh your wardrobe. I've become the caretaker for the amazing taonga that is Cat Pausé's wardrobe, and we'd love her clothes to go to great homes in the fat community. There are A LOT of her clothes, they're gorgeous and all in amazing condition, and most are a size 30+, so if you are too, you're especially welcome.

My house is small, and there is so much of her clothing that I'm limiting this swap to those who are a size 24+. This is not the kind of clothing swap where you'll come away with a scarf and maybe a bag because that's the only thing that fits - instead there'll be lots and lots of gorgeous things for you that will fit!
Please let me know if you're coming so I have an idea of how many people will be there.

What to bring

Clothes in good condition that are size 24+ that are no longer right for you. Please don't bring anything in bad condition, or that needs major fixings (a missing button may be okay, a big rip is not). Schlubby track pants & t-shirts you'd wear around the house will probably not be in hot demand so leave them out! If you don't have any clothes to bring but you're in the size range, please come along and get some things to wear.

If you'd like to bring a snack to share, or something to drink (alcoholic or not), that'd be most welcome. I'd love people to hang out and chat as well as try on clothes.

There will be places to change, but if there's quite a few people, it may be easiest if you're wearing your good undies and/or a slip or something already so you can change in the main room.

There is absolutely no room for any negative body talk at this swap. No comparing yourself to others, no diet talk, no moral judgements. DO bring your best attitudes and get ready to tell the other babes how amazing they look.


The house of House of Boom is at 189a Grant Road, Thorndon, but the gate is on Aorangi Terrace because the house is on a corner. There is parking on Grant Road and a little on Aorangi Tce.


There is one step up from the curb to my garden, then two steps into the house.
Cats live here but you won't see them. There may be a dog in the garden.
I imagine it may get a little noisy. I hope you will make new friends and have lots of fat joy.
I'll keep the space ventilated. As somewhat of a private party, masks won't be required, but vaccine passes will be compulsory to enter my house. I am not having any discussions about this.

Can't make it to this swap?

  • There may be a swap happening in Palmerston North soon with the rest of Cat's clothing. I'm not organising that, but will keep you updated.
  • After the swap, I hope to put the leftover clothing from Cat online, which will be yours to snap up for the price of a courier. I'll post more details at the time, depending on my energy levels.
  • If you want to organise a plus size clothing swap in your local area and want to get the word out about it, let me know!