Pre-order your Jo Jo Jim Jams now!

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Pre-order your Jo Jo Jim Jams now!

We spend a lot of our time sleeping or lounging, so why not do it in extreme comfort, snug in the knowledge that the people who made your pajamas were on good wages and the fabric was sustainable?

Head on over to Pledgeme to pre-order your pair now.  Or read on to learn more. 

Okay so tell me about the PJs? 

Jo Jo Jim Jams are a range of separates - three tops and two bottoms - that you can put together to form your perfect combo of colours and sizes and styles. There's a long sleeve raglan top, a scoop neck t-shirt and a flared singlet, and a drawstring pant and a drawstring short.

The Jim Jams will be made out of a 70% bamboo / 30% cotton mix. This means they'll be super soft, breathable and just an all around dream to wear. Plus, bamboo is a great fibre to use for clothing as it grows fast and needs very little irrigation or pesticide use compared to cotton. 

They'll be available in black, white, purple and green, and five sizes - 0 (12/14), 1 (16/18), 2 (20/22), 3 (24/26) and 4 (28/30). The samples I'm wearing in the photos below are blue, obviously, but this colour isn't one of the options. 


The t-shirt

A fat babe wearing a blue tshirt a fat babe wearing blue pajamas

The t-shirt is a scoop neck, modelled on the Boom t-shirt, but longer and with more room to move. It is 92cm long. It will retail for $46.

The long-sleeve top

a fat babe in a long sleeve blue top >


The long-sleeved raglan sleeve top has thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place to keep you snuggly. It is 80cm long. It will retail for $52.

The singlet

a fat babe in a blue singlet

The singlet has a close-fitting bust, and a flared pleplum. The straps are plenty wide enough to hide your bra straps if you're wearing one underneath. It is 83cm long. The singlet will retail for $64.

The long pants

A fat babe in blue pjs a fat babe in blue pjs

The drawstring long pants have elastic at the back, wide legs and inset pockets on both sides. They are 93cm long. They're designed to be easily taken up if you're shorter. The pants will retail for $75

The shorts

a fat babe in blue shorts a fat babe in blue pjs

The drawstring shorts have elastic at the back, wide legs and inset pockets on both sides. They are 55cm long. The shorts will retail for $70.


You said they're made ethically?

Jo Jo Jim Jams are the next step for House of Boom, a tiny Wellington business making good clothes for fat people. While currently all our clothes are made in Wellington, in order to scale up and access sustainable fabrics, we'll be working on the Jo Jo Jim Jams with another Wellington business, Duffle & Co, who have already done the mahi in finding ethical sources overseas. As they put it: 

Each one of our ethically made [clothes] come from a family-owned and run workshops in Canggu, Bali. Most of the tailors who used for Quicksilver and Volcom and like so many in Indonesia, lost their jobs due to the trade shift to China. The master tailors set a fair price and we run with it. With such little resources, this workshop creates clothing that screams quality as a result of the care and pride, they put into tailoring each piece. The problem is it's hard for this extended family to find work, as they are competing with mass production and limited access to overseas markets. We are proud to support them.

Duffle & Co require a minimum order worth $5000, so this campaign is for you to pre-order your pajamas. This means I can get the mix of sizes and colours and styles exactly right. You get exactly what you want, I don't have stock I can't move, and we cut down on waste in the fashion industry. Everybody wins!

Talk to me about timelines and fine prints and delivery, etc

This campaign will run for one month, until November 9. Then, there'll be ten days for Pledgeme to round up everyone's money, and for me to make sure that you've all put in your sizes and colour choices. Then production starts in Bali. You'll receive your items within ten weeks. Please note this means you will not receive your pajamas before Xmas. But they will be worth waiting for. 

All the rewards costs include $7 for postage. I'll carry the slight additional cost if you're pledging from Australia. If you're making multiple pledges because you need multiple sets, I'll be in touch with you about returning some of that shipping cost once the campaign finishes. 

Wait, what's the House of Boom? 

We're good clothes in sizes 16-30 - and other nice things besides. I founded House of Boom in July 2018 when I decided to do something about the lack of nice, affordable and ethical plus-size clothing. An early idea for the shop name was "THANKS, IT HAS POCKETS!" but that would have been a little impractical! You can read a little more about the Boom story here, but to summarise: Boom is all about rejecting the idea that fat people should hide away in drab dark clothes. You're here, and you're awesome. Boom!

I told the story of the House of Boom at a conference in July - here's a video of that if you have a spare 15 minutes! 

Just before you go - isn't fat a rude word? 

I’m tall, I’m brunette where I’m not purple or grey-haired, and I’m fat. These are all neutral terms. It’s absolutely okay to use neutral terms. That’s why House of Boom is clothes for fat people. Not for “plus size” or “fuller figured” or “curvaceous ladies” or any other awful euphemisms. Fat. Yes, your entire existence has probably involved you being bombarded with messages that being fat is a bad thing. But fat doesn’t mean unhealthy. You can tell literally nothing about my health by looking at me. And additionally, even IF all fat people were unhealthy – and they’re not – that doesn’t make them any less human, or any less deserving. Everyone deserves great pajamas. So pledge today. 

Head on over to Pledgeme to pre-order your pair now.