Meet the Boomettes - Taina

Boomettes, season six -

Meet the Boomettes - Taina

It's important to me that House of Boom is worn by people with personality rather than walking clothes hangers. I met Taina at a pop-up earlier in the year and loved her style, so she came on board as a Boomette for season six, Happiness, Slowly

When you're not busy being a model, what do you do?

Taina in a space blue KRIS dress

I live by the beach so try to spend lots of time wandering around down there, I belong to a book club and am an avid reader, I am a lipstick and wine enthusiast so my collections of both are always growing but most of my time is spent with my partner making memories but mostly laughing.

I asked you to become a Boomette because I loved how much joy you always have in your pictures on Instagram - why did you agree?

Taina avec baguette

Firstly, because great clothes that are inclusive and in the brightest of bright colours, secondly, because all my interactions with you have been great - You radiate sunlight and happiness, and thirdly, because I am a sucker for being the centre of attention in front of a camera 🤣

What was your favourite piece of clothing from the shoot?

My favourite piece of clothing would probably be the PENNY ROYALE Dress in Atlantic – Not a colour I would normally gravitate towards, but seeing it on, LOVED IT!

Taina in an Atlantic blue dress

I also really loved all the necklaces and how they were all so different yet all seemed to go with every dress.

Taina in a boom beads necklace

How would you define your personal style?

I would say my personal style is definitely centred around bright colours. I don’t particularly follow trends, more so just pieces that stand out catch my eye which is probably why my first ever House of Boom purchase was the DEMELZA in bright red.

Taina in lipstick pink

Your partner Peta took the pictures for the first round of Season Six - we love fat queer joy at House of Boom so can you tell us a bit about how you got together and got engaged?

We matched on Tinder and on Her - We messaged for about four days before we met up, our first date was about eight hours, second date was a weekend away at a vineyard and then moved in together within a month – Your classic lesbian love story 😅

When she proposed I had no idea it was happening, I came home one night and there were candles lining the driveway up to the house where she (and a few friends she recruited to help her) had set up some cushions and bubbles and a big outdoor screen with a movie of photos of our lives together which ended with a YES!
Fat babes Peta and Taina outside drinking wine and smiling in the sunshine