Meet the Boomettes - Hiria

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Meet the Boomettes - Hiria

Time for another weekly introduction to one of my gorgeous Boomettes! This week, the radiant Hiria Te Rangi.

Hi Hiria! When you're not busy being a Boomette, who are you, and what do you do?

Hiria in a DEMELZA

Mostly I take care of my family and do my damnedest to build Whare Hauora. We made sensors that tell you if your home is making you sick and then tell you next steps and connect you with organisations that can help.

This was your first season as a Boomette - how did you find the photoshoot?

Fun as all hell! It's fantastic to take some time out and do something fun with a bunch of lovely ladies and snacks and not have to worry about work or family.

What was your favourite piece of clothing from the collection?

Leopard print pinafore!!! That piece is me all over, practical, comfortable, capable and badass!

What piece of advice would you give your younger self if you had chance?

Being pigheaded or stubborn is another word for resilience. Every major decision you will make is right... No jokes! Even I'm surprised but you are right every damn time. You're not going to like a lot of your decisions, and some are going to hurt like hell fire, but you are going to grow into the absolute best version of you and love your best life. It is worth it.

Coming back to Whare Hauora, what's the best way for people to support you and your kaupapa?

Have a look at our website and see if you could help in some way, maybe it's connections, maybe it's just sharing on social media, maybe you have a skillset you think we could use. Just come, be involved 😊😊😊