Meet season two - It's Wild!

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Meet season two - It's Wild!

What are "seasons"? Are they weather changes? Are they magazines trying to decide months in advance what thin people should be wearing? Or are they just periods of time in which I had ideas, money for fabrics and production availability to design clothes that you can wear at any time of year? *Whistles a tune*

On that note, here's season two - It's Wild! Or if you'd rather read it in emoji, 🍃🐆🐳🦓 and 🦩, although that's yet to be added properly. But I suspect you'd rather see the actual clothes, right? 

First up is a whole new dress this season, the CORNELIA. Named after the second name of my lovely friend and Boomette Sara, CORNELIA is always perky, practical and makes you smile. She's available in leopard print (hot tip for experts: this Gerty girlband is the exact same fabric if you want to match), green leaf print and a super practical teal. CORNELIA is $140.

three fat babes in plus size cotton pinafore dresses in leopard print, leaf print and teal

Hiria is wearing a size 2, Shelley is wearing a size 2 and Alex is wearing a size 1.

The eagle eyes amongst you will notice that CORNELIA does not appear to have a front fastener. Thank you international shipping delays (the clothes are of course still made in Wellington but the clasps were ordered from overseas)! She will definitely have her proper clips before you can buy her, and I will post photos accordingly. In the meantime rest assured that she has fully adjustable straps and you can wear them crossed over or not. Naturally she has two decent-sized front pockets, and also elastic at the back to keep her comfortable. 

a fat babe in a cotton pinafore with crossed straps

Joanna (hey that's me!) is wearing a size 4

DEMELZA is back, and in It's Wild she is here to remind you that anyone who says fat people shouldn't wear horizontal stripes should get stuffed. Both the teal and the plum stripes are a cotton/linen mix to keep you super cool, while the raspberry and the pink & yellow stripe are 100% cotton. She's got pockets and her skirt is swishy, and once you've worn her once you'll wonder how you ever did without her in the first place. DEMELZA is $155.four fat babes in stripey plus size cotton knit dresses

Joanna is wearing a size 4, Carma is wearing a size 3, Shelley is wearing a size 2 and Alex is wearing a size 1

Also returning is KINI. This season I've only done the KINI in one fabric, but I think you'll agree it's gorgeous. The beauty of a sack dress - apart from how insanely comfortable it is - is that you get to create your own damn silhouette. Take up space. Be awesome. KINI is $165.

a fat babe in a sack dress

Joanna is wearing a size 4

a babe in a sack dress with an arrow print

Shelley is wearing a size 2

Speaking of awesome, this season there's three variations on the BOOM t-shirt, the shaping of which has been described as the platonic ideal of true love (true story!). There's both plain and logo versions in an organic cotton red, and then there's a veeeery limited edition WHALE T-SHIRT. Wooo! (Plain Ts are $60, logo are $65 and whale t-shirts are $70 because the fabric was more expensive and a lot narrower). 

A babe in a cotton plus size t-shirt with a whale print

Shelley is wearing a size 2

A fat babe in an organic cotton red t-shirt that says HOUSE OF BOOM across it

Joanna is wearing a size 4

And finally, to pair with your t-shirt, it wouldn't be House of Boom without the TIARE skirt. Get wild with zebras, flamingos or a bright bright yellow. You might remember from Season One that the TIARE skirts run a size large, so for Season Two I've introduced a Size 0 for those who normally wear a size 16/18. As always, please check sizing information and measurements before ordering. 

a plus size cotton skirt with a rainbow zebra print on it

Carma is wearing a size 3 t-shirt and a size 2 skirt

bright bright yellow a-line skirt

Alex is wearing a size 1 t-shirt and size 0 skirt

Flamingo print skirt

I do love the top half of Sara too, but I wanted to show the gorgeous flamingo print up close!

Finally, it just so happens that I've added in a new selection of Fanny Adams knickers that go well with the It's Wild theme - which you can buy right now without waiting for the launch! Here's some hot babes in the garden to inspire you. 

fat babes with great butts in plus size cotton full briefs in fun prints

Don't forget - the House of Boom pop-up shop is happening in Wellington on March 30 & 31, and Season Two will be online for purchase in the afternoon on March 31. Yay!