Introducing the CAITLIN cardigan

CAITLIN, Happiness, season six -

Introducing the CAITLIN cardigan

It's cold and the world is pretty miserable. You could probably use a fabulous hug, right?

Amazing Caitlin Pausé was a wonderful source of hugs, both metaphorical and literal, and just such a gracious and stylish human. I miss her, the fat liberation movement misses her. Of course I had to name this fancy cardigan after Cat. I hope it can serve as a hug for you too.

Wear it crossed over and belted, or open. The tie makes a jaunty scarf if you're not using it as a belt. Oh, and if you have shorter arms than me, you'll be pleased to know there's a deep turn-up inside the sleeve, so if you want to fold it up into a cuff, you'll get the good side of the velvet. 

The hard part is deciding what colour to choose - Silver, Jade, Bottle Green or Fuchsia? Actually, the hard part is remember how to spell 'Fuchsia' correctly, but that's my problem, not yours!