Star-shaped Scarborough Tce Rainbow necklace - chaotic order

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Ignore how the song goes. Rainbows are canonically red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and optionally pink, in that order. Accept no substitutes! I mean, yes, a rainbow with indigo and violet are fine too. I usually say that you should ignore the rules, but not when it comes to rainbows! Luckily, these necklaces are in full compliance. 

Scarborough Terrace is where I was living when I got my first girlfriend. It's also where I was when Marriage Equality was passed in 2013. So of course it was a logical choice to give its name to the rainbow necklace! 

Do you like the colours grouped together or would you prefer them one by one?  Regardless of which necklace you buy, you can easily rearrange these super cute hexagon-ish beads yourself.  

As part of the Rainbow Collection, 10% of sales go to InsideOUT which works to make Aotearoa a safer place for young people of minority genders and sexualities.

Super durable, affordable and fun, Boom Beads are food-grade, BPA-free silicone beads assembled in aesthetically pleasing ROYGIBIV-accurate configurations to go with your House of Boom clothing or whatever else you may choose to wear. All Boom bead necklaces are on a 60cm long string and can be easily shortened by you, but if you would like a longer length, please add this to your order notes.  This necklaced is called Baby Scarborough, but the smaller, more chokeable size of these beads means it's not suited for younger kids - get them something bigger and keep this one for yourself.