Jo Jo Jim Jams

We spend a lot of our time sleeping or lounging, so why not do it in extreme comfort, snug in the knowledge that the people who made your pajamas were on good wages and the fabric was sustainable?

Jo Jo Jim Jams are a range of separates - three tops and two bottoms - that you can put together to form your perfect combo of colours and sizes and styles. There's a long sleeve raglan top, a scoop neck t-shirt and a flared singlet, and a drawstring pant and a drawstring short.

The Jim Jams are made out of a 70% bamboo / 30% cotton mix. This means they're super soft, breathable and just an all around dream to wear. Plus, bamboo is a great fibre to use for clothing as it grows fast and needs very little irrigation or pesticide use compared to cotton. 

While currently all our clothes are made in Wellington, in order to scale up and access sustainable fabrics, we worked on the Jo Jo Jim Jams with another Wellington business, Duffle & Co, who have already done the mahi in finding ethical sources overseas. As they put it: 

Each one of our ethically made [clothes] come from a family-owned and run workshops in Canggu, Bali. Most of the tailors who used for Quicksilver and Volcom and like so many in Indonesia, lost their jobs due to the trade shift to China. The master tailors set a fair price and we run with it. With such little resources, this workshop creates clothing that screams quality as a result of the care and pride, they put into tailoring each piece. The problem is it's hard for this extended family to find work, as they are competing with mass production and limited access to overseas markets. We are proud to support them.

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