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Spend the weekend of 9-10 November 2024 with other fierce fat babes at Camp Boom in Wellington.  There'll be clothes swaps, socialising, discussing, learning, movement, arts & crafts and more.

Find out all the details over on the Camp Boom website

Tickets include meals and activities. 

Want to pay your ticket off over time? 

Either go for the laybuy option as payment (this will cost you an extra 1.9%) OR choose "bank deposit" as payment option, and add in your notes the frequency and amount of payments that you will direct deposit. Please note your ticket must be paid off in full by October 1. 

Want to help someone else come to Camp?

I’ve added a donation option so we can crowdsource another scholarship. Donations start at $5. Every $400 will be another place at Camp for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend - lesser amounts will be a partial scholarship to help them. As of 6/7/24, we have received $300 in donations. 

Ticket types

  • Earlybird: $375 - there's only three of theses, congrats on snatching one up if you manage!
  • Regular tickets: $400
  • Unwaged/student tickets: $365 - there's no policing of these, you'll know if it's right for you. There are also scholarships you can apply for if you can't afford a ticket.
  • Donations: $5 - these are unlimited so add as many as you would like, if you're in a position to help someone else come to Camp.