Foxy As Fuck

Season Four was named after a particularly fetching linen/cotton fox print I had to include. I liked it so much I made it into both a robe AND a blouse. This season feels like it's taken forever to produce. Half of it was available at a pop-up in Palmerston North in December 2019, but the rest of it took a while, and then, as you know, 2020. So instead of the usual fun shoot with the Boomettes and a lovely launch party, instead I shot everything on me, while under Covid-19 lockdown., though eventually in December 2020 I got to do a full shoot in my kitchen with the Boomettes. This collection also includes the new party dress PENNY ROYALE, named by someone who paid for that pleasure as part of my Pledgeme campaign for the Jo Jo Jim Jams. 

I hope you'll like the collection. I'm tremendously proud of it and all that I've gone through to get it to this point through some rather extraordinary times. 

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