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Fat suits are fatphobic - an opinion piece in Stuff

In February I was contacted by an editor at Stuff to ask if she could speak to me about the movie The Whale. Because my brain is still a little Long COVID-y, and I wanted to make sure I got my words right, I said I'd rather answer her questions via email than phone, and she actually ended up commissioning me to write the whole piece, woo. 

"Fat suits treat the fat body as a prison, perpetuating the myth that there’s a thin person inside every fat person, just waiting to come out.
They lie to us saying, “You don’t deserve to live your actual full life unless you lose this weight” which is rubbish.
People deserve - and can have - full lives at any size.
Fat people have long protested against actors using fat suits. So The Whale wants to make a point about fatphobia by… ignoring what fat people say?"


Read it all over on Stuff here. And wonder of wonders, they didn't turn on comments, hurray!

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