Higashiyama pastel bead necklace

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When I first moved to Japan age 10, we lived in an apartment building called "Pastel City". It was nice enough, and exciting to have a rubbish shoot like I'd read about in books, but it was very very beige, especially before our stuff arrived, but the name stuck in my mind.  These pastels, however, are anything but beige. You might mistake them for sugared almonds, but that's okay - they're food-grade silicone so if they end up in your mouth, it's not such a bad thing (please don't eat them).  

Super durable, affordable and fun, Boom Beads are food-grade, BPA-free silicone beads assembled in aesthetically pleasing ROYGIBIV-accurate configurations to go with your House of Boom clothing or whatever else you may choose to wear. All Boom bead necklaces are on a 60cm long string and can be easily shortened by you, but if you would like a longer length, please add this to your order notes.