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One of my new year's resolutions this year was to stop using disposable coffee cups. What better way to keep that resolution than by introducing a range of House of Boom branded reusable cups in awesome bright colours? 

I've gone with the Ideal Cup  because they're made in right here in Wellington, New Zealand. 

"The IdealCup™ is designed to reduce waste caused by disposable cups and lids, can be reused over and over, and can currently be recycled in standard recycling at the end of its useful life and better yet, we can return any unwanted IdealCup to our manufacturer who will grind them down and make them in to new product.  Now that's product stewardship in its finest form." 

The cups are 12 ounces (355ml), are dishwasher & microwave safe (remove the lid before microwaving) and have HOUSE OF BOOM proudly stamped across them. The fins on the outside make them easier to hold when filled with hot liquids but there's nothing stopping you from filling them with wine or something else either...

I'm stocking them in four variations to pay tribute to some of my favourite dudes. 

The TOM:

The TOM cup is magenta with a yellow lid and a green lip. The Tom human is incredibly generous, judgement-free, and provider of shenanigans and the most bestest high-fives. 

The NEIL: 

The NEIL cup is yellow with a magenta lid and a purple lip. The Neil human is my father, a lifelong public servant, fixer of broken things and solver of puzzles. 


The KEITH cup is green with a purple lid and a magenta lip. The Keith human is a lover of cats, mixer of drinks, mover of furniture and upholder of STANDARDS. 


The BAMBI cup is purple with a green lid and a yellow lip. The Bambi human is my brother-in-lawish, one of the official photographers of the House of Boom (check out his work on Season One), and thoroughly excellent person with great taste in music and terrible puns.