KINI - garnet 'tivoli' print

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When I think of Tivoli I think of Richard Aoyade and Noel Fielding on a roller coaster together in Denmark on an episode of 'Travel Man'.  Is that why this fabric is called Tivoli? I actually have no idea, but I can tell you that this bright red 100% cotton with a white pattern was made in Italy (and therefore made under good EU regulations) so possibly not. But maybe! Back to the dress though! The lightness of this fabric means it works well with a belt if you want to mix things up, or not - it's entirely up to you (belt not included though) The beauty of a sack dress - apart from how insanely comfortable it is - is that you get to create your own damn silhouette. Take up space. Be awesome. 

Named for a ridiculously generous and loving friend of mine, KINI is a wanderer. You’ll find her in the South of France, or on Akumal Beach in Mexico - anywhere it’s hot and she can accumulate air points. Or you'll find her in the office or at home, doing whatever she needs to do to pay the bills. She's practical like that. 

100% cotton keeps her cool, and she can be thrown on over togs (or "bathers" as the original Kini would call them, being Aussie). She looks just as good with jandals as she would with tights and boots.

Find out more about sizing

Joanna  (pink fringe) is 181cm and wears a size 4
Hiria (polka dot headband) is 167cm and wears a size 1 in this case
Shelley (glasses & marble necklace) is 164cm and wears a size 2
Alex (short brunette hair & glasses) is 175cm and wears a size 1
Karm (amazing unicorn shoes) is 170cm and wears a size 3