Bad Godesberg green bead necklace

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We lived in Bonn when I was 1-4, in the very leafy suburb of Bad Godesberg, where most of the other embassies were too. We had a big garden, there were lots of trees, and I remember many trips to the park on my purple tricycle, but the greens in this necklace also represent the policemen in green, and the tanks that patrolled the street because we were near the Israeli embassy. Your green associations may be very different from mine!

If you want to mix things up with this necklace, take it apart and rearrange the beads three by three instead of one by one. Or keep it how it is - it's your neck! 

Super durable, affordable and fun, Boom Beads are food-grade, BPA-free silicone beads assembled in aesthetically pleasing ROYGIBIV-accurate configurations to go with your House of Boom clothing or whatever else you may choose to wear. All Boom bead necklaces are on a 60cm long string and can be easily shortened by you, but if you would like a longer length, please add this to your order notes.