Auckland Fat Swim, Saturday 22 May, 7.30pm-9pm

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Get together with other fat babes for a joyful swimming experience. Swim, play, lounge, take a spa or a steam and relax in a room full of people who look like you. 

Join us at YMCA Glen Innes Pool from 7.30pm-9pm on Saturday 22 May.

There's no timetable or structure for this event, just show up, get in the water and have a good time. There'll be plenty of fat babes to meet & greet, or just do your own thang. 

You will need a ticket in advance for this event, available from the House of Boom website. There are two ticket levels: Paid and Community. If you can afford it, please choose a paid ticket to help with the pool hireage costs. If you can't pay $15, please choose a community ticket for free, so that we know numbers expected. 

If you want to support this and other upcoming fat swims (yet to be scheduled), but are unable to attend, feel free to select a donation ticket. 

Questions and answers

Isn't "Fat" a bad, insulting word? 

No it's not. I'm tall, brunette and fat. These are all neutral descriptors. Take the word back and reclaim its power. 

Tell me about accessibility

  • There are mobility car parks and the changing facilities are wheelchair accessible. 
  • There are wheelchair hoists into all pools. There are wide steps with a handrail into the main leisure pool. 
  • You may use the family changing room if that is a better fit for your gender. 
  • We will probably be playing pop music. Please contact us in advance if this would make the event inaccessible for you. 
  • If you don't have togs, feel free to swim in whatever is most comfortable for you. 

Is this event only for fat people? How are you defining that? 

You know if you're fat or not, there's no minimum size or tape measures here. We want to create a space where we feel comfortable in our bodies, where we can swim and play and frolic without having to think about our size. 

  • Straight cis men: This probably is not the right space for you. (There may be male lifeguards present though) 
  • Children: This event is designed for grown-ups, however we don't want childcare issues to exclude anyone. If you're bringing a child, please add the free children's tickets to your cart so we can let the lifeguards know in advance. You will be responsible for your child the whole time. 
  • Allies: If the only way you will come to this event is if you can bring one non-fat friend, that's okay, but they must be very respectful about the fact that this is a safe fat space especially for fat people. 

Explain to me the ticket levels again

  • Paid tickets: This covers the cost of your swim, your spa & steam room. Yes, it's more than standard admission because it's covering the cost of private hire as well as admission for those who may not be able to afford it. 
  • Community ticket: Can't afford the $15 right now? That's cool, you still deserve to be in a lovely safe space with other fat babes. Please select a community ticket so that we can track numbers. 
  • Child ticket: if you are unable to get childcare, bring them along. Tickets are free, but again, please add a child ticket to your order so that we can track numbers. 
  • Donation: If you want to support the kaupapa of providing fun safe spaces for fat people but can't come along, please feel free to purchase one or more of these donation tickets (or add one to your regular ticket if you're feeling flush.

Wait, House of Boom is a commercial business, why are you asking for donations?  

Selling clothes IS a commercial business, you're right. But the fat swim is an extension of Camp Boom work for fat liberation. Taking on the financial risk of hiring out a venue to provide a space for people to be themselves in is not a for profit exercise. Any money that's raised by this fat swim will go to lowering the cost of the next one. 

What if I've bought a ticket and now I can't come? Can I get a refund? 

No, unless you're in an area that has been locked down by COVID. You are welcome to pass on your ticket to another fat person though. In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled, your ticket will be refunded. House of Boom is not liable for any of your travel costs. 

I can't make Saturday, 22 May. Will there be other fat swims? 

Hopefully! Watch this space!