Tapiri Street stars necklace

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My three years or so in Tapiri Street in Hataitai seem full of stars when I look back - a lot of playing Singstar on Playstation at home or living it out in UV-lit Korean karaoke rooms, a trip to Castlepoint where I'd never seen the stars so bright, watching Superstars of Wrestling because my flatmate was a wrestler, a particularly memorable music gig when the Dukes of Leisure played at the Observatory and we got a star show in the middle of it all. You might not see all that when you look at this green, pink and yellow stars necklace, but I do. Hopefully you'll just see "OMG I MUST OWN IT, IT IS ADORABLE!". 

Super durable, affordable and fun, Boom Beads are food-grade, BPA-free silicone beads assembled in aesthetically pleasing ROYGIBIV-accurate configurations to go with your House of Boom clothing or whatever else you may choose to wear. All Boom bead necklaces are on a 60cm long string and can be easily shortened by you, but if you would like a longer length, please add this to your order notes.