Zip purse - rainbow stripes

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Organise your life in glorious colour!

These zip pouches from Gerty Brown have many uses. Keep your meds together, or your makeup or your electronics when you’re travelling (remember to bring your charger!). Fill them with art supplies, snacks, jewellery, turn them into a COVID kit, whatever you want to carry in together. 

The pouch is 27.5cm long, 17cm wide and has a gusset (sorry for that word!) of 9.5cm. Purses are cut to minimise fabric wastage, and therefore due to the size of the stripe, not all purses will be a perfect #ROYGBIV. If you're very pedantic, mention that in the notes and I'll see what I can do! Zips are orange and the linings are magenta.

As part of the Rainbow Collection, 10% of sales goes to Inside Out, which works to make Aotearoa a safer place for young people of minority genders and sexualities.

There are also other purses in other prints available