Somewhere Over The Rainbow vegan cleansing bar

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Sure, you could grab a boring bar of white soap and go to it. But where's the fun in that? Bring some more rainbows into your life and top it off with fluffy clouds with this gorgeous bar handmade by Boho Body & Soul in Tauranga. 

These bars are approximately 200 grams and scented with Boho's own special blend of Summer Love - Peach Sorbet. 

Why does Boho Body & Soul call their soap cleansing bars? 

Because they are so much more than a bar of soap!

Handmade with carefully chosen butters, oils, clays, essential oils, paraben-free fragrance oils, extracts & infusions.

Bars are designed to cleanse, nourish & hydrate your skin.

All vegan

All handmade

All with ❤️

PS - the wrapping on the bars? That's bioshrink, designed to break down easily and quickly into plant food.