Pencils with a purpose

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When you don't know what to say, let your pencil say it for you. 

Maybe try serving up a plate of these for those people who just don't shut up at the office morning tea? Or give them to your problematic family members? Or give them to the people you love and support. Or keep them for yourself. Or all of these options!

These pencils are available in three options: 

  • Pink with gold writing: "FAT IS NOT A FOUR LETTER WORD"
  • Orange with white writing: "GO AHEAD AND TAKE UP SPACE" 
  • Red with gold writing: "NO ONE CARES ABOUT YR DIET CHAD" 

Buy individually for $3.50, a set of each for $9 or any three also for $9. And maybe you want something to keep your pencils in? How about a rainbow purse?