camp boom -

Why you should join us for Camp Boom in February 2022

For those of you who'd rather watch a video than read a bunch of writing, here's me talking about Camp Boom. Captions are autogenerated, I hope to edit them tomorrow cos I'm due in bed right about now.
For those who prefer to read, here's the basics


It's incredibly powerful to be completely surrounded by people who look like you, who've experienced similar marginalisations and shitty things, and who also have positive experiences to share too.


Check out the full (i think) impressive list of who we're hearing from (and more information on all these talks is of course on the Camp website):
* Fat & Chronically Ill; shedding the shame - Kath from Fat Heffalump
* Finding your style - This is Meagan Kerr
* Fuck it, I'm moving to the country - Kat Jenkins
* The belly-dance flow - Agate
* Medieval fighting - Dayna #LadyBeastNZ
* If I can go down a waterslide I can start a small business - Karla from Two Lippy Ladies
* Indigenous perspectives on fat – a panel discussion
* Cupcake decorating with Penny
* Disability advocacy with Dr. Huhana Hickey
* Life drawing with Dimmie
* How to be a fat activist in five minutes a day - Joanna McLeod
* Taking up space & influencing – Jess Molina
* Telling stories with Kylie Klein-Nixon
* Fat fuckeries & systematic oppression with Cat Pausé from Friend of Marilyn

As well as these talks, there'll be wine-tasting thanks to Ōhau Wines and Tony Bish Wines, soda tasting and beer tasting. There'll be a great big clothing swap. There'll be swimming and games and companionship. You may be shy and anxious, but you'll meet amazing people.
Camp will go ahead even if we're under red in the traffic light system. Our conference rooms are separate from the rest of the venue, they're well ventilated and everyone requires a vaccination pass to get in.
Payment plans are available and lay-buy is also an option. So grab your tickets before I have to close off sales on Monday night (24 January).