Poking and prodding and updating

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Poking and prodding and updating

Hello! Happy New Year! I've spent the 'holidays' working on House of Boom and Season Two - It's Wild! - is currently being cut out and sewn as we speak. Exciting!

But before that comes along, probably in February, I've done a bit of house-keeping! First up, I now offer lay-buy. This is because people have asked for Afterpay, but that would cost me 5% of each transaction and I just don't have the sort of margins that allow that. Hopefully this will be helpful for you - you can read more about how it works right here. Full disclosure: it will cost you 1.9% of your purchase.

Also as you can see, I've been changing the site a bit so that it's easier to find things (hopefully! let me know if it's not). You can now also see counts of what's left - as always if an item is sold out and you want it, please get in contact cos it may be possible to get it - except that most of the House of Boom clothing is extremely limited. Undies and necklaces and knickers, however, should be doable. 

I've also actually physically found things while doing stocktake. Like it turns out I still have the TIARE green skirt in a 2 (as well as two 3s I already knew about) Yay! 

Eli in a plus-size green cotton a-line skirt with pockets

And there's also a DEMELZA red dress in a size 4 I didn't realise I still had (and there's also a 2)

Carm in a red knit textured cotton dress 

Oh, and I forgot to add these yellow hex necklaces earlier, but they're up now. 

yellow grey and white hexagonal silicone bead necklace

Oh! And if you want a super rare House of Boom item, there's exactly two of these pink polka-dotted t-shirts in the whole world. One is mine, and the other, in a size 3, could be yours? 

Joanna in a pink t-shirt

Don't forget, if you've bought any House of Boom clothing, you'll need to check the pockets before you wash it! And oh, please let me see how it looks on you! Use #HouseofBoomNZ on social media and share your lovely pics with the world.