Natalie from Fancy Lady Industries

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Natalie from Fancy Lady Industries

To celebrate having all new Fancy Lady Industries in stock again (hurrah!), I had a bit of a e-natter with creator Natalie to find out what Fancy Lady Industries is all about. 

You predominantly work in laser-cut acrylics - what drew you to this material? 

I’ve always drawn, painted and done graphic design in 2 dimensions so laser cut acrylic and wood seemed to be a natural extension of that. I love plotting out the designs and then actually making them in real life in a tangible form. It involves problem solving and working with my hands, and I have always had an affinity for those two things.


Your work is political - can you explain that for those who might not see the connection between jewellery & politics? Necklace that says "fat" in fancy curly font

I first started out making my fat necklaces about 9 years ago for other fat activists who wanted to wear their activism on the outside. People often say that if clothes don’t fit you when you’re fat then at least you can wear accessories, but that’s untrue. Chains are often too short, rings are too small and brooches are too small in proportion to a larger body. I always start out making jewellery from the perspective of a very fat lady because 99% of the time jewellery is not made with our bodies in mind. 

I believe that accessories form a big part in the expression of ourselves in our presentation. Small things can make a statement and build a story around your style. 

Where do you get your ideas from? Any particularly inspirational sources?

I get ideas from the environment around me, artists I admire, activist work and just general consumption of media. I love looking to women artists and art history, also the history of feminised crafts. Sometimes I just want to design things I want to wear but haven’t been able to find (like chubby animals!)

What's coming up next for Fancy Lady Industries? 

More Venus Nanas, big earrings, skulls and strange animals.
Natalie at a fair with a table full of gorgeous broaches

Any tips for someone else trying to set up their own small business & caring for their customers?

There’s so much you need to be across when you’re running a micro business. Learn about your branding and your audience, and how you want to “speak” to people on social media and your website. Create a presence that fits your niche and don’t be afraid to inject personality into it! Research photography, SEO, technical skills and be prepared to invest time into any areas that you can’t afford to hire people for.

Don’t be a jerk to your customers or to other micro businesses in your niche area. (It’s amazing that I need to write this but yet I see people making this life choice all the time!)

Transparency is really important to me, so I try to give my customers all the info I can possibly gather so they know what to expect. Developing a little community with my customers has been really lovely, so we can see each other as real people and not just strangers who post and receive parcels.