Meet the Boomettes - Sarah

Boomettes, The Crown Jewels -

Meet the Boomettes - Sarah

House of Boom would be nothing without my amazing friends & friends of friends who model for me. I'd like you to get to know my Boomettes a little better. 

Hi Sarah! When you're not busy being a Boomette, who are you, and what do you do?

I’m a mum, a public servant, and a fabulous funny loud mouth.

Sarah in the green KRIS dress
The KRIS dress is sold out in green but still available in blue

How did you first find out about Boom?

I believe I spotted the Boom page on Twitter, and immediately fell in love with the rainbow skirt. I contacted Jo and scored an invitation to the Season 1 launch. Then I turned up 5 minutes early because I was so desperate to buy it!

Sarah in the mint ANJI
The Anji robe in Jadeite

The Crown Jewels was your first season as a Boomette - how was the shoot for you?

I loved it. It was liberating and great fun, and I got to spend time with the other Boomettes. I loved the location and it was particularly atmospheric given that it was pouring with rain outside.

The KINI in garnet

What was your favourite piece of clothing from the collection?

Definitely the hot pink skirt (yes I bought one).

Sarah in a hot pink skirt
TIARE skirt in pink spinel

You've got a couple of teenagers. How can we raise the next generation to be kinder to themselves in regards to body image than maybe many of our generation grew up?

Gosh that’s a difficult question. I’ve tried my best to raise all three of my children to love themselves but I don’t know how well I’m doing sometimes.
One thing I was determined to do, and am absolutely succeeding in, is never criticising my body or anyone else’s. I’m matter of fact about being fat and having wobbly bits, and make sure my kids know I love how I look.

Sarah in the purple pinafore
The CORNELIA in purple