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I turn 42 tomorrow, which is exciting, because I’ve never turned 42 before. You should know by now that when a fat babe is celebrating, we’re all gonna celebrate, so I’ve got not one but two great offers for you for birthday week. 

Take $25 off TIARE skirts for one week

When I set out to design the perfect skirt, naturally I named it after myself. And since it’s my birthday, I gotta put the skirt I named after myself on sale. So for one week only, get $25 off all TIARE skirts. Will you go for Sneakers for Sneaking, Banana Leaf, tropical linen or the Georgia O’Keefe-ish linen? The choice is up to you!

Use code TAKEOFFTIARE at check-out and get the skirts for just $135! Code is valid until June 23.

OR Spend $100+ and get a free pair of earrings

Alternatively for birthday week, spend over $100 and get any pair of Throwing Feathers earrings for free! Just choose what you’re after, pop them in the cart and add code FREEEARRINGS (that’s three Es and two Rs) and hey presto, the magic happens. This is my way of saying Happy Birthday to you too! 

Sadly (for you) this can't be used at the same time as the TIARE discount. This code is also valid until June 23