From princesses to pragmatists - all about Fanny Adams

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From princesses to pragmatists - all about Fanny Adams

After far too many emails when I mistakenly called her Terri, I had a chat to the wonderful Toni from Fanny Adams to ask her about what's going on behind the scenes of the knickers that keep our butts so happy. 

How did you get into the underpants game in the first place? 

I began making my own 15 years ago when I became exasperated with the quality of underwear that was available.

Tell me a little bit more about yourself and Fanny Adams - is it just you, are there a team of people?

Initially, it was just me doing it all! We have since grown  over the years and now have a couple of part time machinists to help with the sewing and my partner Fred (of Freddy Adams) has joined the business.

How do you choose what prints you put out? What makes a fabric scream 'Fanny Adams'?  

Being a civil engineer means my brain works differently than most designers, and the selection prints takes a lot of energy and agonising as it doesn’t come easily. I rely on the feedback from customers to guide me. No one print defines Fanny Adams as our customers range from princesses to pragmatists and all that lies in between.

Obviously it's great for House of Boom that you make larger sizes - have you always or was this something you moved into? 

It was evident early on that there was a demand for fabulous sizes in our gorgeous colours, so they became part of our product line very quickly.

 What's another great NZ maker of cool things you'd like to recommend? 

Skin Care: Pure and Simple, make by Duzz All Beeswax

Footwear: Mr Bo Jandals

Outerwear: Swazi

Jewellery: Weebleworks