Camp Boom is back!

camp boom -

Camp Boom is back!

It is happening again. Camp Boom - a weekend of fun with fat babes like you - is taking place in Wellington on 26 & 27 November, and I think you might like to come along. 

Camp Boom is for fat women & fat gender minorities, age 18+. 

At Camp, you’ll be safe. You’ll be in a fun, wonderful space. We hope you’ll come away energised and maybe with a new friend or two. 

We’ll celebrate you, your body and our fabulous fat community – not in a cliched “here’s a quote to post on Instagram” kind of way, but by living our best lives surrounded by kickass people to learn from. And we’ll have an awesome time doing it.

Speakers are still being confirmed so the programme is developing (and maybe you want to speak/run a workshop?) but so far we have life drawing, cupcake decorating, a group discussion on shedding the shame of chronic illness, a clothes swap plus sessions on how to be a fat activist in five minutes a day and how to run a small business

Tickets are $350 this year, and accommodation is not included. There are currently six scholarships open for applications too:

  • Cat Pausé Super Fat Scholarship

  • The single parent scholarship

  • Caretaker scholarship to Camp Boom

  • Disability scholarship

  • Person of colour scholarship

  • Youth scholarship

If you'd like to sponsor another scholarship, get in touch - or if a whole ticket is not on the cards for you, you can donate towards another starting at $5 on the tickets page. 

Tons more information is available on the Camp website, or get in contact if you have any questions!