Alison Mau: Worksafe's insistence that fat women wear men's clothes is horribly insulting

I talked to Ali in the Sunday Star Times about House of Boom, and how sometimes it's pretty clear fashion people are afraid of fat people 

The label does much of its business online but when they do have pop-up sales, McLeod says, most of the customers are public servants. She is also amazed at Worksafe's attitudes, and thinks it's an ingrained gut reaction to large-sized women.
"People don't like to associate with fatness, like it will rub off on you."
She name-checks Project Runway winner Christian Siriano as one of the only designers who has really grabbed the opportunity: "He's rolling in money, because he knows that fat women love clothes."

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  • Anne Macleod

    Hello Joanna
    Read your Sunday Star Times article…. stick to your guns! Aotearoa designed and made clothing is worth every dollar we pay versus fast fashion from overseas. Sadly unless you see yourself, you do not appreciate the true cost or value. I am sure your garments are quality and suited to your customer base …. and you are paying your outworkers the very least they ‘deserve’.
    I follow Christian S on Instagram and yes, he’s ‘dressed’ women …. size does not matter! Always liked him on Project Runway and pleased for his success. Plus he and his staff make some pretty and bedazzled face masks!!!
    Cheers Anne Macleod

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